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When we were planning our RTW Honeymoon we put in hours (months) of research.  Now, becoming experts ourselves, we're happy share with you or FAVORITES list.  Gear, apps, accommodation, flight searching - it's all here.




Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks

Ok the truth is Tim can tear through books.  He's one of the fastest readers I've ever met.  I on the other had have the literacy and reading rate of a 3rd grader.  That's why I love Audible.  I listen to books in the car, at the gym or I even finished Big Magic while on an 8 hour hike in New Zealand!  Whether you're laying on a beach or driving to work if you're only doing music - you're missing a huge multi-tasking opportunity!  You can find any of the books above available on Audible to listen.


agoda accomodations


If you are looking for a room (especially in SE Asia) AGODA is the place to look.  There have been countless times I have cross referenced the same room price with and and always find Agoda to have the cheapest rate because there must also be some type of magic going on in the background because (probably on nights when the hotel is not full) Agoda runs some insane deals for a vacant room.  EVERY situation in SE Asia where we tried to work a cash deal direct with a hotel, Agoda ALWAYS offered a cheaper price than the hotel itself! Now that is CRAZY! For example, we stayed in this Overwater Bungalo in the Philippines for just $45USD!

airbnb accomodation


It's difficult to describe how I feel about airbnb without using emojis! We have stayed in TONS of airbnb properties around the world and had nothing but great experiences. There are multiple reasons to choose airbnb but overwhelmingly, it's because when traveling with more than two people it's less expensive than two hotel rooms (plus kitchen + living room) while offering a more authentic "local" experience. 

With this link you can get $20 off your first stay! Take your sweetie on a Staycation for a surprise date in your own city. (Don't worry – you can take all the credit for the idea).  

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