How to Motorbike the Crazy Roads in Bali (with Video!)

Bali is paradise for motorcycles- mostly decent roads surround by gorgeous cliffs, stunningly green rice paddies, mountains, oceans- so much beauty it will make your eyes bleed.

The majority of the video is spent on a Honda Vario in/around Canggu Bali. The last part takes place on a MalaMadre custom bike on Bali east coast. 

Honda Varios can be rented for less than $2USD per day if you're renting over a month. A bigger custom bike can be rented from shops like MalaMadre Motorcycles for about $25 USD a day (cheaper if you rent for a week/month at a time). There are also plenty of small motorcycle rental outfits in Bali but the chopped up Frankenstein bikes they rent out are just begging to break down when its most inconvenient for you. Best to stick with reputable shops like MalaMadre if you're going to rent a proper bike.

There are endless small roads to explore via motorcycle in Bali. In an upcoming video we'll chronicle some of the MANY amazing sites to explore in Bali and the route we took on a 3 day motorbike trip.

Want to shoot your own motorcycle videos?  Here is what we use!

DJI Phantom 3 Pro:
GoPro Hero4 Black:

Many people use helmet mounted cams.  I prefer to use the Chesty as it gives videos a FPS feel to them.  I like being able to see some of the handlebars and unless the entire motorcycle is vibrating, the Chesty gives a smooth steady shot.

GoPro Chesty: