3 Tips for Smoother Pans with your Phantom 3 Drone

Almost every drone video you see online has smooth, sexy panning shots. When I tried, I would get different pan speeds or the image would stutter.  However, making a few adjustments greatly improved my results. 

Follow the three steps below to get the pans you deserve. 

1. Lengthen the Sticks

The short throw distance of the out-of-the-box controller sticks doesn't make subtle panning easy.  Try lengthening the sticks and you'll have a larger area that you can move within to get the same input on the controller.  Longer sticks will help smooth out some of the "twitch"  from pilot inputs.

HOW TO LENGTHEN: Simply unscrew the top knob by turning it counterclockwise, then raise up the lower half of the knob.  Finally, tighten the top knob half back down against the (now raised) lower knob.

Start with a short, stubby stick.  Sorry bro.

STEP 1: Remove to top knob by unscrewing it counter-clockwise

STEP 2: Raise the lower knob by spinning it halfway up the threads. 

STEP 3: Finish by screwing back on the top knob.  A longer knob is finally yours.

2. Adjust the Expo

Expo settings determine how much you can move the control stick in any direction before the drone receives that control input.   If we decrease the Rudder right/ Rudder left expo setting, it will result in less “twitchiness” to the controls.


STEP 1-  Enter the settings mode for the drone (highlighted light blue)

STEP 2- Select Gain & Expo Tuning

STEP 3- Under the option “Rudder Right”, adjust the value so that its .20 (instead of the default .40)

A value of .20 will give you a the most lowest level of reaction to your input, so experiment in an open field at low speeds with your drone while you get used to the new control feel.

3. Adjust the Gain

While Expo will allow for more stick travel before the same level of signal is sent to the drone,  gain will actually make the Phantom respond with a bit less enthusiasm and attitude.  In plain English-adjusting the expo will make your drone turn slower.  

I like my Phantom to turn slowww, so I crank the setting to 80%. Experiment and see what works best for you. 

As always when making changes, fly in an open safe area after you adjust this setting so you can get used to the slower response you see from your Phantom 3.